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The Rockwell




Edmonton, AB



Design Team

EFG Architects

We are proud to present "The Rockwell", a beacon of modern architecture situated in the vibrant Strathearn Heights of Edmonton. This project, designed for Rockwell Investments, embodies our dedication to innovative urban living and design excellence.

The Rockwell is a mixed-use development that seamlessly blends residential and commercial spaces. The development features three 14-story towers, each showcasing a sleek, contemporary design. The first floor of each tower is dedicated to retail spaces, including a conveniently located grocery store, creating a bustling hub of activity at the base of the residential towers.

Above the ground floor, floors 2 to 14 are dedicated to residential units and amenities, providing a tranquil retreat for residents amidst the urban landscape. The design ensures that residents enjoy their privacy without being disconnected from the amenities and vibrancy of the city.

1702 230518 - Rendering 3.jpg
1702 230518 - Rendering 5.jpg
1702 230518 - Rendering 4.jpg

A defining feature of The Rockwell is the innovative walkway situated between two of the towers. This beautifully landscaped corridor creates a unique retail experience, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the building and adding a dynamic element to the urban fabric.

Designing a large-scale, mixed-use development like The Rockwell presented its unique challenges. One of the key challenges was to balance the vibrancy of the public retail spaces with the privacy needs of the residential units. Our solution was to thoughtfully segregate the commercial and residential spaces, ensuring each functions both independently and harmoniously.

Another challenge was to design a building that stands out yet integrates seamlessly with the existing cityscape. We achieved this by incorporating modern design elements that echo the surrounding architecture and by using landscaping to create a smooth transition between The Rockwell and its neighboring buildings.

1702 230518 - Rendering 2.jpg



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